How to Create a Content Strategy For Your Personal Brand

Despite personal branding being a largely talked about subject, I think it's important to know how to produce content as in today's digital world, half of your personal brand is found online. Guess who is an excellent example of content marketing? Tim Ferriss. We feel like we know him well. Not just from his book, the 4 Hour Work Week, but perhaps even more so from his valuable articles, short videos and podcasting content on business strategies he provides us. 

In an experiment conducted by TechiPedia, it was researched that brands that post consistent content were worth up to 20% more. In the past, my buying behaviour from a potential service has been swayed by inconsistent content. I've been turned off by a product looking slightly different or smaller in the picture. I've spoken before about how I chose not to meet the CEO of a digital marketing agency because her Instagram will checkered with pouting bedroom and car selfies...

Your content strategy can at times do more harm than good! Here are some basic tips that you should encompass when developing your personal brand content strategy. 

Speak authentically - no one appreciates someone trying to be someone that you aren't. Speak about your own experience; what you've learnt so far and where you are currently at. We are humans, we are not expected to have all the answers. Focus on the journey of your personal brand and what you learn on the way that you can share, rather than the final destination.

Solve problems - by creating content that solves issues your audience face, you add value. You showcase your knowledge in a meaningful way and will get more clicks. With this free content, your audience begins to trust you and are more likely to buy your product or your event moving forward. Surprisingly, your personal brand isn't about YOU - it's about your target audeince. 

Brand awareness - Include your logo or face where appropriate, rather than hiding behind your computer screen. When I say your 'face' again keep it professional and appropriate. By mixing up the content of you, with memes (mentioned below), pictures of other people, and things that you see, you are less likely to come across as self - centred. 

Memes - If Instagram is part of your strategy (which it should be here Dubai - EVERYONE is on it) use a well-crafted meme (consider getting a graphic designer on board) to quote yours or your mentor's thought leadership. 

Mix up past and present - Use some curated content by a professional photographer that has and mix it with photos you take 'here and now.' Share your world through your eyes - whether it's a nice coffee you are drinking or space that you are working in, just make sure it's related to your overall service/ product and therefore, your personal brand.  

Calls to Action - Asking your audience for their opinion will boost the algorithm on social media, meaning your picture or article is more likely to be seen. Calls-to-action include "what's your thoughts?" "check out my latest article" and "is this how you feel too?"

By using these strategies to create content, you will increase your engagement and following on social media, drive traffic to your website, product or service and position yourself as a brand.


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Briar Prestidge - Briar Prestidge International - Digital Branding Agency


Briar Prestidge is the CEO and Founder of Briar Prestidge International. With a background in digital marketing, branding and executive headhunting, Briar has an international career that spans over Dubai, New York, London, Melbourne and Auckland.

She is renown for her personal branding work with high-profile clients and has been featured in CEO Magazine Middle East, Entrepreneur Middle East, Ella Magazine, Khaleej Times and The Media Network.

Briar is also the Managing Director of media and events agency, Deals in High Heels and a talk show host. As a speaker, she presents on personal branding, digital and social media strategy, and motivation.