How to Identify Great Target Clients for Your Brand

Yes, we know we yarn on about it, but your brand is the foundation of your BUSINESS and the core of your marketing strategy, so it's important you get it right. You need your brand and marketing to attract your target clients, make them feel a positive emotion and convert them into customers.

To attract your target market with your brand, you first need to understand WHO your target market is. I’m amazed when I ask people, “Who are your target market” they say, EVERYONE. By saying 'everyone' is your target market, you are already making a huge mistake.

There is a common misconception that by marketing to only a group of individuals that you will miss out on business. This is incorrect, as by marketing to the masses and by trying to please everyone you will please and attract… NOONE.

So, how can we find our target market for our brand and marketing strategy?

Companies who research your target client group can grow up to 3x more faster and 2x more profitable.

The narrower your focus, the faster your growth. Clients will become ADVOCATES for you. You will be able to say to a CEO of company XY in Z industry the value you bought to a competitor – they will want you. It’s human nature.

Another example is, Penny, mother of 3 in Dubai, will tell her neighbour Judy to work with you, because you are specialised in working with people like THEM.

Not only will you benefit from referrals, but you will also be more focused with your marketing efforts. For instance, when you create content, you will be able to create content that REALLY speaks to your target audience and you can communicate in tone and with language that makes SENSE to them.

When you are running paid social media advertising, you will be able to target your audience parameters more effectively.

In a nutshell, the more diverse your target market, the more diluted your brand and marketing. The more targeted, the better.


How to find your target market

You want to look for a group of individuals that can benefit from your product or service – who is facing a problem or challenge you can solve?

You can -

1.    Look at your current customer base.

2.    Check out your competition and who they are working with.

3.    Analyze your product/service.

4.    Choose specific demographics to target and measure the feedback and results you get.

5.    Consider the psychographics of your target.

6.    Evaluate your decision.

The last step is a crucial step for entrepreneurs and start-ups – if you aren’t seeing results from your efforts in marketing to your particular target market, you need to analyse your efforts and PIVOT.

One of our clients, a top business coach, was creating content and marketing to a group of individuals who just didn’t have any money! Once we changed his target market, he started seeing a lot better results.

Another one of our clients came to us after having a hot pink website created for her (somewhat) corporate brand, on the cheap. Yes, it's her favourite colour - but will it attract the corporations? We think not.

WHO you are creating your branding and marketing for will have a huge impact on your business’ success. You need to be focused and targeted, and by using the steps above you will be able to drive your business to the next level.

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Briar Prestidge - Briar Prestidge International - Digital and Branding Agency


Briar Prestidge is the CEO and Founder of Briar Prestidge International. With a background in digital marketing, branding and executive headhunting, Briar has an international career that spans over Dubai, New York, London, Melbourne and Auckland.

She is renown for her personal branding work with high-profile clients and has been featured in CEO Magazine Middle East, Entrepreneur Middle East, Ella Magazine, Khaleej Times and The Media Network.

Briar is also the Managing Director of media and events agency, Deals in High Heels and a talk show host. As a speaker, she presents on personal branding, digital and social media strategy, and motivation.