In Sales, You Sell Yourself. Now, Learn to Market Your Personal Brand Too

I recently had one of my contacts come to me who was the CEO of a digital marketing agency. She explained, over the last three years, she had been pouring her heart and soul into marketing out her company. In the last three months, she realised she hadn’t been marketing out HER experience the entire time…

Think about it like this. If you are going to a client meeting or at a networking event, the first thing you do is introduce yourself and build rapport, then you sell YOUR experience, then the company.

This is why everyone should be working on their personal brand. 

To start, you need to ask yourself, What are three things that you are expert in?

If you are a marketing agency, maybe it’s SEO, creating content, or videos. Produce how- to articles or information on this for free, as realistically, the ones that can afford you will still come to you as you would have given them a taste that leaves them wanting more. It weeds out the ones that can’t afford you - they would be wasting your time if they came to enquire.

Someone who has money to spend won’t have the resources, so they will read what you’ve written and be like, well, this girl is the expert so I will hire her.

To be honest, often people talk to me before they even visit my website. They will be talking about personal branding and someone will be like, contact Briar she specialises on that. Or they will come across my alter-ego business blogger persona, ‘Deals in High Heels’ and say, I want to be seen as a thought leader in my industry.

When personal branding is done right, you will be able to leverage your network both online and offline, not muck around with time wasters and have more opportunities come to you.