What You Will Need to Consider in Your Business Before You Start

A brand is a company’s most important asset– its name, logo, brand colours, brand and marketing strategy, customer service etc are all things will directly impact customers buying from you and your REVENUE.

Recently, we had a client come to us who had had what she described as an ‘awful’ website and logo done for her. She explained that she hadn’t thought it was going to be ‘hard’ for someone to do and had got it done on the cheap – hey, we have all been there and learnt our lesson!

I had a look at it, and as she is a somewhat corporate brand, I was rather surprised to see her website and branding were… HOT PINK!

For many of our clients in our initial branding meeting, they are surprised about how much thought, exploration of goals, values and mission and market research (not to mention innovation and creativity in the design process!) that goes into creating a strong company brand.

Clients walk away not only feeling like they have kick-started their branding journey, but also like they understand a lot more about their overall business strategy.

Such as,

·     How to identify your target market

·     Competitor research

·     Price analysis

·     Branding trends

·     Your personal and company values

·     Your mission and long-term goals

·     Your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

·     Your business development/ sales and marketing funnel


All critical information for an entrepreneur! A memorable and innovative brand is the skeleton of your business – without it, you can put all your efforts into marketing and sales and you still won’t get far.

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Briar Prestidge- Briar Prestidge International - Digital Branding


Briar Prestidge is the CEO and Founder of Briar Prestidge International. With a background in digital marketing, branding and executive headhunting, Briar has an international career that spans over Dubai, New York, London, Melbourne and Auckland.

She is renown for her personal branding work with high-profile clients and has been featured in CEO Magazine Middle East, Entrepreneur Middle East, Ella Magazine, Khaleej Times and The Media Network.

Briar is also the Managing Director of media and events agency, Deals in High Heels and a talk show host. As a speaker, she presents on personal branding, digital and social media strategy, and motivation.