Why Your Personal Brand Matters When Trying to Get a Job

I'm going to start this article off by highlighting my own experience. I'm not one of those 'personal brand strategists' that gives advice to career positioning yet hasn't worked a day in the life of recruitment.

When you are recruiting, you get to really understand how different hiring people is across-industry. You see just how different clients are and how different company cultures are. Even hiring processes are... you guessed it, DIFFERENT. 

I have played the recruiter game in both London and Dubai - and interestingly, in Dubai especially, I started to rely less on seeing candidates CVs. 


Firstly, as it is a job-driven market (recent statistics on ... quoting that their in 80 jobs to each person.)

So, I'm sure you can imagine when I posted job adds I would have hundreds of responses before lunch, many which weren't relevant. When working on a tight deadline, it would be impossible to review them all. 

LinkedIn became my trusted tool. Not just to save time, but also because I felt like I could feel the candidates personality more too. You can see a photo of them (get a smiling and approachable profile picture ASAP, If you don't already have one), other people they engage with, articles they wrote or like etc.

As personality is equally as important as experience, I could gage they suitability for the role better. 

In a recent interview, Rahman Rasilia from recruitment agency, MCG, said that a "candidates’ online footprint is as important as their CV. You now see employers looking people up on LinkedIn, FB, Instagram and so on before the first interview stage. It’s a regular topic of conversation in our industry. You wouldn’t believe the horror stories I could tell."

And, I agree! I'm often surprised at how many of my professional contacts now add me on Instagram and Facebook. Ask yourself job seeker, are you marketing yourself online in the best way?  To speak to us more about your brand, you can email us at info@briarprestidge.com or organise to meet one of our senior team members.


Briar Prestidge - Briar Prestidge International - Digital Branding Company

Briar Prestidge is the CEO and Founder of Briar Prestidge International. With a background in digital marketing, branding and executive headhunting, Briar has an international career that spans over Dubai, New York, London, Melbourne and Auckland.

She is renown for her personal branding work with high-profile clients and has been featured in CEO Magazine Middle East, Entrepreneur Middle East, Ella Magazine, Khaleej Times and The Media Network.

Briar is also the Managing Director of media and events agency, Deals in High Heels and a talk show host. As a speaker, she presents on personal branding, digital and social media strategy, and motivation.