An Introduction to Personal Branding

Following a shift in the digital landscape, personal branding has become more prominent among business leaders and industry professionals, as it adds to a credible image and positions them as a thought leader within their industry. 

Masterminds such as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc have proven the strength of personal branding and how it goes a long way in determining one’s identity and expertise. For instance, Musk’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” in May 2021 turned him into a global celebrity, with the episode being live-streamed across 100 countries. 

When starting your personal branding journey, there is no need to start out by preparing for a global broadcast just yet. It takes the right strategy, which includes stage appearances, as well as routine content and engagement in the ever-growing social media presence to build a loyal base of followers, namely industry leaders, employees, prominent figures and target audiences.

Personal branding grants opportunities to be featured in media and speaking engagements and inspires employees through your charisma and knowledge. This also adds to a stronger presence in a competitive marketplace.

Acting as the common denominator, personal branding helps expand business and operations, carry achievements throughout your career and gain the ability to secure prominent job rules due to your great power within your chosen sector. 

How Can I Grow My Personal Brand?

Growing a personal brand is a process that requires research, dedication and a clear vision of where you want to stand within your industry and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • How do you want to project yourself as a business professional? Do you want to be projected in a lighthearted, comedic way or as a robust, corporate figure? 
  • What is your mission, and what goals do you want to achieve? 
  • Who is your target market?  

You should not be afraid to draw inspiration from those industry leaders around you – allow their success to encourage your own personal goals whilst remaining true to yourself. 

Finally, remember to play to your own strengths (and avoid your weaknesses). For example, 

If you have a great speaking ability, utilize this, and if you have little knowledge of the concept behind TikTok, avoid it and seek a more subtle social media platform. 

How Can Prestidge Group Help You Grow Your Brand?

As the leading publicists for CEOs and leaders across Dubai, USA, London and Saudi Arabia, we at Prestidge Group – Personal Branding and PR – are here to provide you the guidance and services to ensure that you stand high above those within your industry. 

Our journey involves a personal branding audit, which is a 45-minute interview designed to help us identify your personality traits, your goals, and what needs to be implemented to help you succeed. 

We will then pitch you for a number of media and speaking engagements, including: 

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Think Tanks
  • On-Stage Interviews at National and International Events. 

Our experts will also help to prepare you for market shifts, and also how to deal with CEO activism should an issue arise within your business, as it’s important to act quickly. 

An example of this comes from an incident caused by the global coffeehouse chain, Starbucks in 2019, where a homeless gentleman was asked to leave one of their establishments. The event went viral on social media, with the coming under public threat. 

Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson was appointed to step forward and respond to the issue across its channels. The act smoothed out the situation and restored the image the brand strives for.

To learn more about how we can support you during a crisis situation, or about our services, visit our website today. 

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