Personal Website

A multimedia hub

for your expertise

A personal website is a great one-stop destination to showcase your expertise, merits and resources.  As experts in positioning individuals as industry leaders and keynote speakers, we at Prestidge Group. create an online identity with unified personal brand message.

There is more to a website than just serving as a collection of media content. Our curated websites are SEO-optimized for increased media and keynote opportunities, while content – ranging from blogs, press coverage, keynote speeches, photos, media and podcasts – feature relevant keywords, backlinks and well-researched metadata to boost an online presence and promote organic growth on a global level.

Boost your brand visibility
with a website

Our personal branding executives prepare personalized media kits, which further elevates your chances of partnering with major corporations and creates new networking opportunities.

Everything we do at Prestidge Group is closely linked to digital media trends because the nature of personal branding has significantly evolved over time. We specialize in brand extension by generating and redirecting social media followers to your website and making your social platforms accessible to your target audience via your website.

Besides our strong team of content writers, we ensure that your visual content takes on identities of their own. Our team of personal brand managers and executives ensure high profile images are organized with search optimization in mind, in addition to boosting your online presence with captions that enhance web search results and image searches. 

At Prestidge Group, we ensure that your personal brand is in sync, no matter the platform.



We have been in the game for almost seven years now, branding hundreds of people across industry with our talented team of multidisciplinary team of personal branding experts, from New York, to Dubai, to Australia.

Whether you are already established, or just starting out with your personal brand, Prestidge Group can help. We have developed innovative personal branding framework over the years to help craft and build your personal brand, and use the following 6-step process to make global impact:



We conduct a 45-minute interview and our personal branding framework with you to understand your values, goals, and positioning. We conduct a SWOT and benchmark analysis.


Following your personal brand audit, we create your integrated personal brand strategy. We craft your vision and mission, your narrative and your ‘why’. We create a list of media platforms, events and podcasts we will pitch for you to speak on, and how we will turn you into a thought leader on social media.


Personal Brand DEVELOPMENT

 Before we begin any outreach, we elevate your personal brand on LinkedIn and other social media channels, write and position your executive profile, establish a brand look and feel, design brand assets, and create your media kit.

Content Creation

In your tone of voice, we will ghostwrite and create content for your sign-off, including articles for your LinkedIn, Medium and publications. We have a 360-degree team in house, including senior content writers , graphic designers and video editors.



Our digital experts will align with the latest trends, so you stay relevant. We will distribute the content, manage your social media channels and build an engaged following.


We build credibility and manage your global outreach by proactively pitching you for media coverage, ghostwriting thought leadership for magazines, and negotiating and securing you opportunities to speak on global stages.


Who do we build
personal brands for?

Recognized as a top personal branding agency, Prestidge Group has a successful track record of creating and elevating personal brands for many recognized thought leaders, CEOs, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs), and celebrities around the world.

Prestidge Group has a long-standing presence for personal branding in London, Dubai and New York, with a team of expert personal branding consultants, content writers, PR strategists and producers that specialize in a number of traditional and lifestyle sectors, including business aviation, automotive, banking, fintech, energy, healthcare, technology and digitalization.

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