Media Training &
Crisis Communication



As the leading corporate communications agency specialized in CEO branding, at Prestidge Group we aim to support our global clients on how to become thought leaders, whether on camera or on stage. 

Our personal branding experts will coach you to craft confident and impactful narratives in preparation for media appearances across television, radio and digital media.

Keynote and media training

As an industry expert, you will often encounter and interact with media. We understand, anticipate, and know what interviews are looking for, so we assist and prepare you to represent your brand in an engaging and professional way for television, radio, print and online interviews.

As a keynote speaker, you will regularly address conferences, TEDx talks and other events. We help you communicate your message to make a strong impact. With our expert guidance, we ensure that your conduct, body language and tone of voice aids your credibility and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

Crisis Communication Plan

It takes only seven minutes for a negative situation to go viral on social media, before being noticed by media outlets.

Through our crisis communication and media training service, we help you refine messages, avoid misquotes, and develop diversion tactics for undesirable questions that may arise during these prominent career moments.

Who Do We Support?

Recognized as the top personal branding agency for CEOs, we work with High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs), Thought Leaders, C-level Executives and other organizational spokespeople, Investors, and Celebrities. 

Our 360-degree approach
To personal branding includes:

Keynotes: We prepare and guide you for speeches, expert panels and podcast opportunities.
Copywriting: We ghost write thought leadership content and comment pieces for highly esteemed media publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal etc.
Social Media: We manage all aspects of content creation, posting and building a community across social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
Press and Media: We pitch and secure interviews and features on TV, radio and print/digital publications. Our past clients have been featured on CNN, MBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other top tier publications.
Podcast and Video Production: We conceptualize, produce and distribute podcasts. We also create highlights of events, snippets and exclusive video clips for all your media and production needs.
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