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The PR industry, as we know it, has changed. We now have options at our fingertips to secure media opportunities and connect with a global audience.

But while we have the tools and technology at our disposal, the real strategy lies in how we shape our personal brand.

 Getting interviewed on TV and featured in leading magazines, like Forbes and Entrepreneur, and delivering keynotes on global stages is crucial to building a strong, global presence.

At Prestidge Group, a leading personal branding agency in New York, London and Dubai, we have you covered.


With a finger on the pulse of trends, we combine traditional PR with social media content creation.

By ghost-writing thought leadership articles for publications, negotiating you global keynote opportunities, and creating engaging social media content and podcasting series for your channels, we build your international brand awareness and position you as a credible thought leader.

Why Personal Branding?


People are more likely to trust people, rather than “faceless” corporations


The media search on social media for their next big news story


Event producers want to star leaders who a big audience will turn up for



Newspaper editors feature experts who have a large social media following which will help entice readers

Personal branding works as a magnet for new opportunities.

Apple Inc and Microsoft Corporation are tech giants, but in comparison, their CEOs have a bigger media following. You too can become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates with the right personal brand strategy.

At Prestidge Group, a number one personal branding agency, we are your voice. Our executive personal brand strategies will help you achieve your goals and will increase your company’s bottom-line.

Why choose Prestidge Group for CEO profiling?

Phase 1:

Brand Audit

Through a 45-minute interview, we discover who you are and your values, what goals you wish to achieve and how you would like to project yourself in your industry. We research, carry out a SWOT analysis and benchmark you against other personal brands.
Phase 2:

Brand Strategy

Following your personal brand audit, we turn our information into an integrated personal brand strategy.  We build on your narrative and your ‘why’, and we create a list of media platforms, events and podcasts for you to speak on.
Phase 3:

Brand Development

Before we begin any outreach, we elevate your personal brand on LinkedIn and other social media channels, write and position your executive profile, establish a brand look and feel, design brand assets, and create your media kit.
Phase 4:


We manage your global outreach by securing media coverage and keynote opportunities. We produce content (including LinkedIn blog articles or ghost-writing thought leadership for magazines) and create engaging content calendars.
Phase 5:


We will distribute the content, manage your social media channels and build an engaged following.


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Who do we build personal brands for?

Recognized as a top personal branding agency, Prestidge Group has a successful track record of creating and elevating personal brands for many recognized thought leaders, CEOs, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs), and celebrities around the world.

Prestidge Group has a long-standing presence for personal branding in the UK, Dubai and New York, with a team of expert personal branding consultants, content writers, PR strategists and producers that specialize in a number of traditional and lifestyle sectors, including business aviation, automotive, banking, fintech, energy, healthcare, technology and digitalization.

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