Personal Branding, PR & Production for High-Profile Leaders

Strategic Personal

Brand Management

We craft thought leadership and manage high-profile personal brands for C-level executives, technology experts, HNW leaders, celebrities, and investors.

Working with government and private organisations, we elevate your personal brand, create engaging content, build your social media following, and secure you media coverage & keynote opportunities.

Online-Offline Thought Leadership

Personal & Executive Branding

End-to-end strategy & content.

Traditional & New Media

We secure media coverage.

Speaker Outreach

Internationally acclaimed stages.

Podcasts & Docuseries

World-class productions.

The Voice of
Global Leaders

We are the voice of an impressive portfolio. Located in New York, Dubai, London and Miami, we use a combination of traditional PR & social media personal branding techniques.

Whether you wish to be on the front cover of international magazines, appear on global TV or radio shows, deliver a TEDx Talk, build credibility through thought-provoking articles, or earn the esteemed title of Forbes Top 100 CEO – we have the right tools and connections for you.

As your personal brand managers, we manage your brand from A-Z by securing you media and speaking engagements, creating content and managing your social media channels.

The voice of global leaders



We represent influential business leaders, and because of this, we are a global resource for media, event organizers, podcasts, brands and governments who seek keynote speakers, trainers and advisors.

Through our media and speakers’ outreach program, we pitch you for media features, keynotes, including TEDx Talks, global conferences, and panel discussions.

We negotiate your rates, prepare briefing notes, ghost-write interview answers, and take care of your travel and accommodation arrangements.


No matter where you are on your personal branding journey, we can help. We start off by doing a personal brand audit interview with you and research, before jumping into our personal brand conceptualization, media asset development, social media rebrand, strategy and implementation phases.

Leaders We Represent


From FTSE 500 executives, to world class athletes, to crypto entrepreneurs, we have the expertize and connections for you.

Strategist & Serial Entrepreneur

Through ghost-writing content, speaker outreach, a podcasting series and online course, we have created a digital strategy that converts, taking this personal brand to global stages.

World's Most Advanced Robots

With strategic partnerships, in-depth thought leadership interviews & TV/radio segments, we welcomed the world’s most advanced robot.

Serial Green Tech Entrepreneur & Rock Singer "Saving the Planet"

With creative content, podcasts, videos and speaker outreach we are documenting this innovative CEO’s life and cause as his company prepares for an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

Strategic Consultancy

Through PR, online content and speaker outreach, we’re educating audiences on how emerging technology can be used to build smart cities and improve the future of humanity.

CEO, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation

We’re welcoming a new era of technology with highly strategic B2B media & content creation, distinctive CEO branding, and an extensive event & workshop strategy.

HRH & Officials, Smart Government

We conceived their communications strategy and rebranded their digital e-government services through traditional PR, digital campaigns and an exclusive press conference with media, VIPs and Emirati influencers.

Rally Car Race Driver

By creating engaging content, securing media coverage, sponsorship opportunities and brand endorsements, we are establishing this renowned rally car driver a personal brand that goes well beyond sports.

Crypto & Metaverse Experts

Through ghostwriting thought leadership on the latest metaverse trends on social media and for publications, we are positioning entrepreneurs as innovative thought leaders who are paving the way into the future



As one of the world’s first personal branding agencies, we have been creating content and managing personal social media profiles for over six years. We are used to working with busy leaders. We create compelling and engaging social media content, enticing videos, and media-ready features and articles in your tone of voice.

Content that’s aligned with trending news, and is thought-provoking and well-executed, further establishes you as a credible thought leader, builds your social media following, and boosts your influence and brand awareness.

Elevate Engagement,
Credibility & Influence

Government & HNW Introductions

Open doors for high-level business through our elite network.

Verification services

Verification prevents impersonation.

Wikipedia Page

Our team and trusted Wikipedia consultants create pages for our clients.

Knowledge Panel

Maximize your visibility, improve brand recognition, and build trust.

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Our testimonials

  • Prestidge Group goes above and beyond. It is rare to find an agency in the realm of communications that gets it all right – from their high-impact, tasteful, and zeitgeist-fitting ideations all the way to their linguistic artistry, Prestidge Group can truly be relied on. While I am hesitant to describe them as knowledgeable, astute, capable, creative, and diligent, as these are often misused, empty words thrown around frivolously, they do genuinely apply here. Prestidge Group team welcomes input and directives with open arms and synthesizes them accurately into powerful, well-working content solutions, but is also able work autonomously to a remarkable extent, making their stakeholders’ lives easy and convenient. Thank you for never ceasing to impress and keep up the stellar work, Prestidge Group!

  • I’ve worked with Prestidge Group and I 100% recommend them. My personal branding was beyond salvaging, but their expertise and experience showed me that anything is possible. I have no regrets working with them. The team is super friendly and is with you every step of the way. Don’t waste your time with anyone else to elevate your personal and executive brand.

  • I worked with Prestidge Group for around a year and honestly one of the best agencies you could work with! Everyone is extremely proactive, kind, and full of ideas to grow the business and achieve your goals. The team would fix any issue you would have right away, and would do anything to make things easier to you as a client! They work with top tier magazines. I highly recommend choosing Prestidge Group as an agency for personal corporate branding.

  • We’re all extremely happy with your work - the quality of it, the speed, and the openness to input. Just wanted to briefly mention that and give credit where it’s very much due. Thank you!

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