A unique online-offline approach to building your reputation

Personal Branding Dubai

Strategic Personal Branding

By analyzing global trends and monitoring public sentiment, we identify opportunities & evaluate risks, position your personal brand and execute an engaging, global online-offline PR and communications strategy.

Our experienced consultants work closely with you to create a detailed go-to-market strategy that delivers optimum results for your business.

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Press media branding Prestidge Group

Press Coverage & Media Relations

From media relations, to publicity and stakeholder management, we have the right contacts for you.

By leveraging 360-degree PR campaigns, we influence customer perception and stakeholder behavior.

We put together an integrated media strategy that crafts credible public images.

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Government Dubai UAE events brand coverage

Government & HNW Business Introductions

Through events and strategic global connections, our solid relationships will open doors for new markets, high-level business, public-private partnerships and innovation.

Connecting brands is an effective way to build credibility, garner endorsement and reach new networks.

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Leading Publicist for CEOs

Global Speaking Engagements

We represent influential business leaders and because of this, we are a global resource for event organizers, brands and governments looking for keynote speakers, trainers and advisors.

Through our speaker outreach, we pitch you for keynotes and panel discussions, negotiate payments, make all the travel and accommodation arrangements, film your performance and market it on social media.

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John Lee CEO social media brand management

Social Media Management

In today’s digital world, building “influence” online is just as important as it is offline. We take care of the day-to-day management of your social media channels with copywriting, content creation, and account growth.

From setting up new social media accounts to rolling out social media campaigns, we have a team of qualified experts who have a strong grasp of emerging trends.

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Content creation Dubai UAE ksa

Content Creation

We are the voice of high-profile individuals, so our content is intelligent, rich, share-worthy blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, docu-series and newsletters.

Using our Macro-Micro methodology, we create up to 70 pieces of creative content from a single keynote or article. Using digital best practices, we tailor it and distribute it across social media channels.

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Podcast docuseries videos branding

Podcasts, Videos & Docuseries

The future is shows. Share your narrative through thought-provoking videos and podcasts for social media and other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime.

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Media training

Media Training & Crisis Communications

We help our clients craft confident and impactful narratives, whether on camera, on stage, or while sharing information with the media.

We coach you to develop total confidence ahead of interviews and media appearances, as well as in crisis management situations. We refine messages, tackle difficult questions, and help you avoid misquotes.

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Podcast docuseries videos branding


Have you ever considered having your own personal website? We design personal brand websites that position you as an industry leader and global keynote speaker.

Our team of digital experts will create you a website that showcases the press coverage you receive, your thought leadership blog articles, podcast and videos, and your media kit.

A well-positioned and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website will bring in new media and keynote opportunities to further enhance your brand.

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Personal branding experts New York


We narrate your story through creative photoshoots to produce high-quality and engaging images for your personal brand.

Our skilled team captures your authenticity through a professional lens in a state-of-the-art studio setting. We offer complete guidance, from posing and lighting to outfit suggestions and aesthetics, and combine this with your brand message, mission and unique personality for personal use, media opportunities, keynote speeches, international conferences and other outlets.

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Podcast docuseries videos branding

Wikipedia Page

Want to become notable with a Wikipedia page? Our, team of trusted Wikipedia consultants create pages for our clients.

After we have achieved top tier press features for you, we will create, reference, and submit your write up to Wikipedia.

With 10 years of experience in writing and editing Wikipedia pages, we have a very credible rating. This will highly increase the chances of your profile being accepted by Wikipedia.

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Personal branding experts New York

Knowledge Panel

A knowledge panel adds credibility, increases your chances of verification. Makes it easier for journalists to find out about you and encourages clickthrough’s to your website.

Our digital experts can help you gain this added feature, which is usually set aside for world-renowned personalities.
This project is usually undertaken after we have helped you gain some traction in the press and have created a personal website for you.

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Podcast docuseries videos branding

Get Verified

Verification prevents impersonation. This is why verified “blue tick” social media accounts are exclusive for celebrities, public figures, or global brands.

Being verified means you are a big deal because it shows that you have reached a stage in your career where you are important enough to be at risk of having your identity replicated by those who would like to emulate your success. After all, imitation is the most basic form of flattery.

The check mark is also meant to help users find their favorite people and brands on social media.

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Podcast docuseries videos branding


As businesses and consumers begin to enter, explore, and engage with metaverses en masse, opportunities for investments, influence, innovation, outreach, expansion, market research, and business development within these virtual worlds are growing exponentially.

From customizing VR and augmented reality experiences, to building personalized avatar designs and 3D accessories, to ensuring that you get your tone and positioning correct within a whole new world, we work closely with our partners to create spaces, items, and engaging PR campaigns for companies and their spokespeople, boosting their global recognition.

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Podcast docuseries videos branding

Crisis Communications

Whether you need assistance in developing an effective crisis management plan, simulating or running drills to test the effectiveness of your crisis strategy, or need crisis communications assistance in the wake of an adverse incident in your professional or personal life, the Prestidge Group provides you with the strategic counsel and communications support you need to minimize damage to your brand, address target audiences’ concerns and help stabilize media coverage.

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Join our Exclusive Portfolio

If you are just looking for flashy business cards, you are not in the right place. Our team has been consulting and running value-driven marketing campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Clients usually engage with us long term to craft intelligent content and create international buzz, building our clients prestige and elevating them to become global brands and recognized leaders.

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