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At Prestidge Group, we help our clients build global credibility through our integrated online and offline approach, as we strive to secure you features across news giants, including Forbes, CNN and Entrepreneur.

As the top CEO branding agency in the UAE and New York, we have a proactive 360-degree approach to PR and personal branding to influence customer perception and stakeholder behavior.

We are well connected with editors and producers across the globe. As your PR managers, we secure media coverage to enhance your credibility, as well as that of your business.

  • We send targeted pitches, and secure you interviews, awards, podcasts and keynote opportunities.
  • Leveraging our relationships, we use a range of tactics to secure coverage including writing thought leadership articles, providing commentary on trending topics, as well as embarking on extensive press campaigns.

We coordinate the timing of your appearance, prepare briefing notes, and ghostwrite interview answers on your behalf.


We conduct a 45-minute interview and our personal branding framework with you to understand your values, goals, and positioning. We conduct a SWOT and benchmark analysis.

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