Global Speaking

Establish yourself

As an expert

At Prestidge Group, we are proud to represent a variety of global business leaders, whom through our services have been granted opportunities to deliver TEDx Talks and hold speeches at both national and international conferences. You could be next.

How can prestidge
Group help you?

As an executive branding consultancy, we turn you into an authoritative and engaging thought leader for keynote opportunities. We provide you with the guidance and assistance you need on how to speak, and secure you spots at regional, national and international conferences.

Through our 360-degree speaker outreach service, we create a market map of relevant speaking opportunities, including podcasts. We pitch, negotiate payments and secure appearances.

  • We will also provide you with the following:

  • The creation of your speaker’s biography.
  • Content and design development of your keynotes.
  • Media training to become an engaging speaker.
  • Arranging your travel and accommodation.
  • Organizing videography and high-quality photography of the event. This can then be published across your social media platforms and used as part of your portfolio.

Who do we support?

As prominent personal branding experts in New York, Dubai and London, our credible pool of clients continues to expand. We manage a high-profile portfolio of CEOs, business owners, VIPs, and thought leaders who wish to become a global brand.

Because of our reputation and the high-profile portfolio of leaders that Prestidge Group represents, we are the go-to executive branding agency for keynote inquiries, with event producers often reaching out to us for conference speakers and workshop facilitators.  

Our 360-degree approach
to personal branding includes: 

  • Keynotes: We prepare and guide you for speeches, expert panels and podcast opportunities.
  • Copywriting: We ghost write thought leadership content and comment pieces for highly esteemed media publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal etc.
  • Social Media: We manage all aspects of content creation, posting and building a community across social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Press and Media: We pitch and secure interviews and features on TV, radio and print/digital publications. Our past clients have been featured on CNN, MBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other top tier publications.
  • Podcast and Video Production: We conceptualize, produce and distribute podcasts. We also create highlights of events, snippets and exclusive video clips for all your media and production needs.