Social Media

build an authentic

online presence

Led by our team of qualified digital marketers, at Prestidge Group we act as the voice of, and provide corporate communications to a number of high-profile global leaders, CEOs and thought leaders, ensuring that you are projected in the best possible light. 

Covering every aspect from A-Z through our personal branding consulting services, we create and publish social media content on your channels.

Driven by the latest digital marketing trends, we also cover all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and LinkedIn – the leading global professional networking platform.

By utilizing LinkedIn to its full potential, our CEO LinkedIn management experts increase your brand awareness through engaging and authentic content, as well as grow your pool of  industry contacts.


A detailed content calendar, allowing you to preview the visuals and content to be published across your social media platforms.
The creation of all content, driven by the latest industry news. From ghostwriting thought leadership articles for Linkedin and producing videos from your latest keynotes or media interview, to crafting engaging viral infographics and statuses.
Community management to boost your engagement and social media following.
Monthly reports of social media growth, which will enclose a full breakdown of your channel’s statistics.
Managing paid ad campaigns, with our digital marketing experts managing and utilizing your budget effectively.
High quality photography from your global and national events.
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