Strategic Brand Management

in the Metaverse and Web3

Strategic brand management
in the metaverse

The metaverse is here to stay, with many company brands integrating their physical and virtual worlds. So how can we tap into these tech trends, create influence, generate PR opportunities (in the metaverse and in real life!) and leverage all the incredible opportunities these virtual worlds have to offer?

We manage high-profile personal brands for HNW leaders, C-level executives, technology experts, celebrities, and investors, and create engaging PR campaigns for tech companies that bring in media and event inquires and global brand recognition.

Through our partners, we help create spaces, items, avatars and campaigns in the metaverse.


VR & Augmented Reality

We create personal branding in the metaverse.

Custom avatar design

We will design an avatar just like you.

3D accessory & design

Unique accessories designed just for you.

Real estate

Own land in the metaverse.

Podcast & VR production

Produce a podcast in the metaverse.

Introductions to partners in this space

Open doors for high level technology and be at the forefront of business opportunities.


In a bid to uncover what the metaverse has to offer, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Prestidge Group, Briar Prestidge, immersed herself in virtual reality and metaverse platforms for 48 hours non-stop with the key players in the industry.

Briar’s avatar adventure was documented as she travelled across more than 30 virtual worlds, and met incredible metaverse leaders and VR world builders from around the globe.

Watch the full documentary, full of exciting conversations, projects, and industry insights. Visit the website for more information. 

For media inquiries regarding Briar’s experience, please reach out to her brand manager Georgia,

The voice of an
impressive portfolio


From FTSE 500 executives, to world class athletes, to crypto entrepreneurs, we
have the expertize and connections for you.


We have worked closely with industry-leading partners as strategic PR advisors, helping organizations engage and execute strategic communications successfully within the metaverse, while securing press coverage for their Web3 products and services.


Globally renowned NFT innovators who create, buy, auction, own, trade and develop high-profile networks within the NFT space have partnered with us to create content, elevate their brand awareness, leverage top-tier media placement, and develop innovate branding.


Leaders in the cloud kitchen and F&B space have partnered with us to test and launch their businesses on a virtual reality platform in collaboration with our VR world-building partners. We assisted industry veterans with an in-depth metaverse strategy, which created publicity for the brands, business, products, and service offerings.


Onboarded 3D Fashion design partners, created and launched one of the world’s first independent fashion brands.  This label’s NFT collection for avatars was showcased at the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland.


Onboarded 3D design and augmented reality partners. Positioned the fashion brand as a futuristic virtual fashion line inspired by elements of nature, but not constrained by it.


Inspired by virtual world hopping adventures, we’ve designed a line of slick wraps for Oculus Quests, iPhones, Apple Watches, MacBooks, and more. These ‘skins’ help bridge the gap between the unfettered creativity of the metaverse and its representation in the real world.


Helped a global team to be more connected by launching their virtual penthouse. This team has had virtual meetings in their penthouse allowing their global offices to encapsulate both a virtual and corporate experience.

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