Strategy Consulting

We offer intelligent, sustainable strategies that are guided by international best practice. Our world-class advisory services meet business challenges head on, providing intelligent, responsive communications strategies that are designed to offer tangible commercial results.

By analyzing global trends and monitoring the public’s perception, we identify opportunities and evaluate risks, before repositioning your brand and executing an engaging, global PR narrative. Our experienced consultants work closely alongside you to create a detailed, go-to-market strategy that delivers optimum results for your business.


Government and high-net-worth introductions

Through events and strategic connections, our solid relationships will open doors for you. Whether it’s through high-level business opportunities, public-private partnerships or new innovation development, bridging brands is an extremely effective way to build endorsement, credibility and to reach new networks.

For any business, having solid relations with the local government or business influencers can be extremely beneficial: enhancing your public image and encouraging trust within your target market.


Press coverage and media relations

Our business is founded on long-term relationships. From media relations, to publicity and stakeholder management, it’s our priority to have the best contacts in the region. Whether in English or Arabic, to local or international audiences, we create win/win situations for our clients and our media partners to craft credible public images.

By leveraging PR campaigns across print, video, social media and email, we influence customer perceptions and stakeholder’s behavior. We'll help you put together a media strategy that will optimise your results.


Speaking engagements

We represent some of the most influential business leaders. We are a global resource for corporations, event organizers and governments looking for keynote speakers, trainers and advisors. Leveraging our relationships, we pitch you for relevant keynote and panel discussions, negotiate payment, and make all the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements.

Using an offline-online approach, our film team will film your presentation and repurpose it across social media to grow your digital presence.

Are you looking for a reputable and motivational speaker or moderator? View the profiles of our leaders here.


social media management

In today’s digital world, building “influence” online is just as important as it is offline. We provide the day-to-day operations of managing your social media channels including copywriting thought-leadership articles, ghost content creation and account growth.

Digital is an integrated part of our business. From setting up new digital platforms and ecosystems for clients, to rolling out engaging digital and social campaigns, we offer a dedicated team of qualified digital experts, who are future facing with a strong grasp of emerging trends.



We are the voice of an impressive portfolio of high-profile individuals and create rich, share-worthy blogs, videos, articles, podcasts, docu-series, case studies, interviews, images, white papers, infographics, eBooks, checklists, newsletters, and statistics.

Using our Macro-Mirco Content methodology, we create up to 70 pieces of creative pieces of content from a single keynote or article, and using best-practices, disperse it across social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.


Podcasts and docu-series

Share your narrative through thought-provoking social media videos and podcasts to build influence, or partake in a prestigious Amazon Prime TV series.

Our focus is to create stories that touch humans and build trust with your target audience. All organizational and personal brands have had to evolve with the rise of social media. With Cisco predicting 80% of content to be video in 2019, one thing has become very clear: the future of content is through shows and podcasts.

Discover our investment opportunities through distribution.


Media training

We regularly support clients to develop their media facing skills so they can get their messages out in confidently, succinctly and with impact, whether on camera or on stage. We develop total confidence ahead of media interviews, speeches and crisis management situations, whether the headlines are wanted or not. We refine messages, negate difficult questions, avoid misquotes and allow the interview to be controlled.

A brand’s reputation is its most important asset. We safeguard it and provide guidance for an immediate strategic response.


corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability efforts have become one of the standard business practices of our time. A CSR strategy can enhance your reputation and makes a powerful statement about what you stand for.

This means having policies and procedures in place which integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights or consumer concerns into business operations and core strategy – all in close collaboration with stakeholders.